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Vinyl Woods

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10.2X91.5 / 10.5X91.5


Vinyl Woods

Our collection of Wood effect vinyl flooring brings quality, practical and affordable luxury to your home. The range comes in a selection of realistic wood colours and designs which are perfect for most rooms in your home or work place.

Vinyl Tile reduces noise and provides comfort underfoot. It is durable and time-tested, maintaining its beauty under heavy foot traffic and use. Vinyl Tiles are moisture and stain resistant, so that most spills can be easily removed.

Product Specification:

Size: 915X152, 915X102

Usage: Floor Tiles

Notes: 4 Side Beveled Edge, 3.0 mm Thick, 0.7                  Ware Layer, R10 Slip Rated

Guarantees:  20 Year domestic & 15 Years Commercial

  • Black Ash Black Ash
  • Seville Seville
  • Arden Oak Arden Oak
  • Bayern Oak Bayern Oak
  • Church Oak Church Oak
  • Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
  • King Charles Oak King Charles Oak
  • Oak Oak
  • American Walnut American Walnut
  • Arden Oak Arden Oak
  • Aspan Aspan
  • Alder Alder
  • Chestnut Chestnut
  • American Walnut American Walnut
  • Aspen Oak Aspen Oak
  • Chateau Oak Chateau Oak
  • Grey Oak Grey Oak
  • Jacobean Walnut Jacobean Walnut
  • Jacobean Ash Jacobean Ash
  • Forest Forest
  • Laurentia Laurentia
  • New England Oak New England Oak
  • Oak Oak
  • Rustic Oak Rustic Oak
  • Silver Oak Silver Oak
  • Washed Oak Washed Oak
  • White Oak White Oak
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